NUnit 3.13.2 Hotfix Release

This release fixes a new issue with the FixtureLifeCycle attribute where IDisposable test fixtures were not being disposed properly. As always, @gleb-osokin has been a great help with this new feature.

It also fixes a long-standing performance issue with CollectionAssert.AreEquivalent and the CollectionEquivalentConstraint when comparing large collections. The deep comparison that NUnit performs on the two collections will always have a worst case bound of O(n^2) but we have optimized it so that the majority of use cases will be closer to O(n).

We’ve also made significant optimizations to the OR filters for selecting tests using their full name. This dramatically improves test performance for large code bases that use dotnet test. Thanks to @pakrym for his help with this.

See the release notes for more information.