Contact Us

The NUnit Slack Channel is the best place to start. It is monitored regularly by the NUnit developers and other experienced users. Describe your problem clearly and be sure to indicate the version of NUnit you are using.

If you are interested in submitting code to NUnit, you can also read through our contribution guidelines for more information on getting involved.

Report a bug or Request a new feature

Before you report a bug against NUnit, run your tests in the console first. This will help us determine if the bug is with the framework or the test runner you are using.

Bugs, enhancements and feature requests should be entered as issues in the appropriate GitHub repository listed below. Before submitting bugs or issues, please consult our contribution guidelines.

Issues on GitHub

If you are not sure where to report a particular problem, please ask! If you aren’t sure, don’t worry… we can cross-reference it from the appropriate project.

Note: Bugs are no longer accepted on the NUnit V2 and NUnitLite projects. NUnit V2 bugs should be filed against the most appropriate project above and we’ll check to see the problem doesn’t occur in NUnit 3. NUnitLite bugs should be filed against the NUnit Framework, noting that the bug was found in the nunitlite environment.