NUnit Joins the .NET Foundation

NUnit and the .NET Foundation

NUnit is the oldest and most popular unit testing framework for .NET. It was originally written by Philip Craig in 2000 on an alpha release of the .NET Framework. NUnit is likely one of the first and longest running open source projects for .NET.

As such, we are happy to announce that the NUnit Project is joining the .NET Foundation. NUnit will continue to be run by the core team, Rob Prouse, Charlie Poole, Terje Sandstrom, Chris Maddock and Joseph Musser. The .NET Foundation will provide guidance and support to help ensure the future of the project.

The success of NUnit has been made possible through the hard work of our many contributors and team members. This is the perfect time to thank everyone for the help and contributions that have made NUnit the success that it is. This month, the various NUnit packages passed 30 million downloads on We couldn’t have done that without the dedication of the many volunteers that donate their time and knowledge to the project.

The .NET Foundation is an independent organization dedicated to strengthening the future of the .NET ecosystem by promoting openness and community participation. The .NET Foundation supports .NET open source by promoting the broad spectrum of software available to .NET developers and by advocating for the needs of .NET open source developers in the community. They evangelize the benefits of the .NET platform to the wider community of developers and they promote the benefits of the open source model to developers already using .NET.

Read the .NET Foundation’s blog post welcoming NUnit and six other new projects. We look forward to joining other great projects like IronPython, MvvmCross, Humanizer, SignlR, ASP.NET Core, Cake, xUnit and many more. Today is an exciting new direction for the NUnit project.